North Carolina Republicans Who Voted for the Debt Ceiling Bill

We had numerous Republican members of Congress from North Carolina who voted to raise the debt ceiling without insisting on major cuts to pre-Covid era levels. Recall that the Covid pandemic and the Biden Administration prompted a major increase in spending levels amounting to trillions of dollars.

Who voted in favor? Chuck Edwards (who replaced Madison Cawthorn); Virginia Fox; Richard Hudson; Pat McHenry, who negotiated the deal for Speaker McCarthy; Dr. Greg Murphy; and David Rouzer.

Dan Bishop was the only NC Republican who voted against it.

Interestingly, NO North Carolina Democrats voted against the measure. More socialists in Congress voted in favor than Republicans– 165-149– even though Republicans have the majority in the House. McCarthy brought a bill to the floor that more Democrats supported than Republicans.

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2 thoughts on “North Carolina Republicans Who Voted for the Debt Ceiling Bill

  1. Hard to figure. Bishop made the most persuasive argument against the bill, yet McHenry was hell bent for leather in favor.

    This is going to hard to repair.

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