6 thoughts on “Gasbag Kerry Wants to Shut Down Food Production

  1. Listening to Kerry’s lies is nauseating . I am confident that none of his scary pipe dreams will ever take place.

  2. “you will eat z worms”- Klaus Schwab

    The only thing going for these globalists is that their agenda is so large in scope that very few believe it could actually be true. The window is closing……

    1. I agree, Tommy, that the window is closing. People’s disbelief is a problem, as you suggest. But I think many people are also asleep. They won’t know what happened to them until after the fact. And we learned from Covid that these evil forces can act very quickly when that is their desire.

      1. Heck, many of the candidates running for office are oblivious. I WILL NOT vote for them, even if they win primaries (PERIOD). Let me clarify…..either they are oblivious OR too scared to take the punches that come along with addressing it. Neither are good nor do they deserve my vote.

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