Good Pride and Bad Pride, According to the City of Greensboro

We learn from John Hammer at the Rhino Times that a Greensboro city firefighter was fired because he had posted to social media a meme that expressed pride in the fact that he was “straight” or heterosexual. The post was obviously intended as a playful dig at all the omnipresent “LGBTQ pride” gestures and events. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to avoid mention of these.

Hammer presents an example of the city of Greensboro previously voicing celebration of LGBTQ pride.

The city library system, for instance, is hosting a book club event in a couple of weeks for “adults and teens who enjoy reading young adult books”. It is specifically a LGBTQ Pride Month event.

This is obvious discrimination in a demonic direction. But of course, the city of Greensboro is ruled by demonic forces.

It is not unusual for employers to have strict social media policies. We must acknowledge, on the other hand, that government cannot limit freedom of speech. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what the firefighter posted.

Perhaps the proposal in Raleigh to institute a Civil Service Review Board for the city of Greensboro is even more necessary than we had been led to believe. People of conservative disposition and people of genuine Christian faith have no chance with the city of Greensboro unless they keep their heads down.


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  1. This action is an outrage. The fireman has public support that may cause the city to reverse the firing.

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