Election Interference, Past and Future

And this does not even begin to discuss the influence of Big Tech:


2 thoughts on “Election Interference, Past and Future

  1. The road to victory for the GOP in 2024 is paved with $$$$$$$$$$$.

    In 2020 Democratic candidates and groups spent $8.4 billion, compared to $5.3 billion for Republicans. Democrats’ spending falls to $7 billion when excluding spending by billionaire presidential candidates Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer.

    In Senate races, Democratic general election candidates raised over $1.1 billion, easily dwarfing Republicans’ $752 million. In House races, Democrats outraised Republicans $898 million to $763 million. Still, Republicans netted 11 seats in November.

    And that’s not counting fraud.

    Give till it hurts….

    1. Yes, the socialists have the fundraising advantage at this point, Fred. But among the Republicans, citizens must use discretion and judgment when deciding to whom one might donate. I have donated in the past to the Senate Conservatives Fund.

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