“Nobody Safe Until Everyone Safe”

I usually will not post a video that contain expletives. I am making an exception in this case. The person who produced the video failed to bleep out one person using the “f-bomb”. But the video is so powerful, and so compelling otherwise, that I think it is important to post it.

We have seen numerous times in the past that the media/left complex often adopts the same messaging to push a certain point of view. It suggests there is coordination behind the scenes. But it is possible they are merely aping each other– i.e., monkey see, monkey do.

The problem is that the numerous people in this video did enormous harm. They did not merely push the vaccine. They also tried to create overwhelming societal pressure to the extent that people felt forced to take the vaccine. And they sought to shame publicly those who would not.

The facts are that only approximately 0.2% of the people who contracted the Covid-19 virus were at risk of dying from the infection; that the vaccine was experimental; and that it was never demonstrated the vaccine prevented infection or transmission. We knew these facts reasonably early in the pandemic. We learned later that the vaccine was doing enormous harm to large numbers of people. It turns out that the large numbers of reasonably healthy people who declined taking the vaccine did precisely the right thing.

Check out the video, because the speakers are profoundly evil:


2 thoughts on ““Nobody Safe Until Everyone Safe”

  1. We are certainly unsafe from the herd mentality it so vividly depicts.

    1. “Herd mentality” is an accurate description, although it might turn out to be a very charitable one if the intentions were not pure. And given the nature of this crowd, it is entirely possible the intentions were not pure.

      One example– and this is only one– is the corrupting influence of Big Pharma dollars. But there are others.

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