Will Saddleback Decision Get Reversed?

We had discussed here recently the decision by the Southern Baptist Convention to “dis-affiliate” Saddleback Church– the megachurch that Rick Warren used to pastor for many years. This decision was made because that church began hiring and employing female pastors.

Megan Basham– the journalist whose video we highlighted a few days ago– has an article that explains this issue in detail including the sequence of events. One key take-home point? It is now suspected that the moderates/ liberals within the denomination have become antagonized by the decision to remove Saddleback, and will try to reverse the policy at the New Orleans annual meeting in June. Recall that the employees of the seminaries and mission boards are entitled to attend and vote at the annual meeting.

Information about attending the annual meeting in New Orleans is found at this site.


2 thoughts on “Will Saddleback Decision Get Reversed?

  1. Oh my goodness. It is indeed a confusing an thorny issue. The Baptists are a super large denomination and the doctrine will be resolved by a vote of the convention which in turn may cause a schism .

    1. It continues to be amazing to me, Fred, that the denomination had gone through one of these schisms only 30 years ago or so. Those with lefty ideas have other places to go. But I think their objective is to undermine the SBC.

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