NC Ranks Among Worst in Southeast for Property Rights

The process of eminent domain has the potential for abuse. People who own houses, buildings, land and/or other types of property have a constitutional right to be protected from government taking these things away. The only exception is when the property is to be used for “public use” and when just compensation is being offered.

But there has been a nefarious tendency among local and state governments to stretch their eminent domain powers to facilitate economic development or more politically favored uses of the property. We have seen this in the city of Greensboro, particularly in the downtown area. A terrible Supreme Court decision over 15 years ago– the Kelo decision– worsened this situation.

The states differ with regard to how well they protect property owners from eminent domain abuse. An excellent article at Carolina Journal shows that North Carolina rates only “C-“. Tennessee is the only state in the southeast that ranks worse.

It seems our state legislators have a problem they need to correct.


2 thoughts on “NC Ranks Among Worst in Southeast for Property Rights

  1. Phil Berger needs to move the Senate to support Rep. Riddell’s bill. Tried of the same old… Money talks and BS walks.

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