Comparing Deaths Due to Covid Vaccines vs. Flu Vaccines

An interesting article took a very conservative approach toward estimating how many people have been dying soon after receiving the Covid vaccines. This particular writer looked at reporting data from numerous countries and concluded the rate is between 5-15 deaths per 100,000 who took the vaccine.

He compared this to the numbers who die from the flu vaccine. He states the following:

Fatality after a flu shot is extremely rare: one death per five million.

Short-term fatality after Covid shots is many folds higher: dozens of deaths per one million. That’s unacceptable, or at least was unacceptable for any vaccine before 2021.

During the last couple of years, many Americans were forced to take the Covid vaccines. This was always a bad decision on the part of the individuals and organizations and governmental entities that made the decision to require them even though these products had not been sufficiently studied.

Here is one big question. Where was the mainstream media? The media is supposed to investigate and seek to protect the public when issues such as this arise.

Unfortunately, the media demonstrated slavish devotion to Big Pharma, from which it receives ample advertising dollars. This is the very definition of corruption.

Once again, the Covid vaccines would never have been approved under the previously existing ground rules. Those rules were broken– and continue to be broken. And the media continues to stand by and cheer despite the fact that many folks have been unnecessarily killed.


2 thoughts on “Comparing Deaths Due to Covid Vaccines vs. Flu Vaccines

  1. COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths in 2022 Alone

    So many individuals have been harmed by these policies. One of my son-in-laws who works for the Federal Govt, was forced to take the COVID jab as a condition of employment. Fortunately he had no adverse reactions to it. I know that is strong sentiment in Congress to allow those US Military service members who were forced to be discharged rather that take the vaccine , to reenlist.

    I have always taken the influenza shot. That has worked out just fine.

    The MSM has been awful in reporting on the COVID vaccine, And we know that the Biden administration was working hand in glove with social media ( Twitter ) to suppress dissent.

    1. You are right. The collusion between the socialists and social media played a big role here.

      My understanding is that the discharged military service members can re-enlist. But why would they want to do so at this point given the entire set of circumstances?

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