Medicaid Expansion Passes GOP-controlled NC House

The vote on the second reading was 96-23. The tally of final votes is listed here.

This was a “clean bill”. That means that the Republicans in the House placed no conditions on passage. The Senate Republicans will place preconditions; and my hope that at least one of these will be a “poison pill” that dooms the entire effort. But much of the chatter seems to be that the Republicans are eager to pass this, and will find a way to arrive at an agreement.

Of course, this is an enormous betrayal and surrender of the type we have come to expect of Republicans.

Donny Lambeth is a Winston-Salem Republican House member who used to be a hospital administrator. He has been agitating for Medicaid expansion for years, and of course voted in favor. Jon Hardister and John Faircloth also supported the bill. Reece Pyrtle from Rockingham County and Kyle Hall, who used to represent Rockingham County but who now represents Stokes and part of Forsyth, were also among those who voted in favor.

Many more Republicans voted in favor than those who voted against. This was an absolute bloodbath for grassroots conservatives who have cast their lot with the Republican Party.

This is the party that opposes Marxism– except for when it supports it.


2 thoughts on “Medicaid Expansion Passes GOP-controlled NC House

  1. That was disappointing but not unexpected. TC, I hope you instincts are correct and that Berger will kill expansion.

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