6 thoughts on “Lunch in Public School

  1. This is obviously parody . However the lunch program in the Guilford County Schools is a mess. Right now, more than 5,700 Guilford County students have meal debt totaling more than $111,000 and if parent’s don’t pay off the debt by the end of the school year, the district will have to use local funds to pay it off.

    Kind like a Communist program, heh ?

  2. Parody or not, teachers with EXACTLY this mindset work in public schools indoctrinating our children.
    Parents must demand to be involved in school curriculum decisions.
    I can monitor a doorbell camera from anywhere in the world on a phone. Why not mandate the same cameras in classrooms so parents can monitor what’s being taught their kids in real time?

    1. Great idea, Jaycee. I might sound like a broken record, but parents really need to find a way out of the public schools, if at all possible. And unfortunately, for some it is impossible to pursue any other alternative.

  3. Thankfully, it is indeed satire by Kali Fontanella. If it was real she would not have used the term ‘communist’ instead of equity.

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