NC General Assembly GOP Again Flirting with Medicaid Expansion

The North Carolina Medical Society reported on Friday that Medicaid expansion is being considered by the NC House this week:

Now, the NC House will hear and likely vote on Medicaid expansion next week.  The bill’s scheduled for debate in the chambers health committee on Tuesday and would direct the state to start covering several hundred thousand people next year.  Floor votes could come later Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is a massive cave on the part of the Raleigh GOP. Base GOP supporters ought to be outraged.

Medicaid expansion spends federal deficit dollars and expands the national debt. It is Marxism. It displaces people from private health insurance and expands the welfare state. It is a key part of Obamacare, and by considering Medicaid expansion, they are facilitating Obamacare’s further reach in our state.

Polls show voters support Medicaid expansion. To the extent Republicans allow it to pass, they are engaging in vote buying. But in fact, if voters knew the full story, less would support it.

Addendum: The John Locke Foundation tells us more about the major problems associated with Medicaid Expansion.


3 thoughts on “NC General Assembly GOP Again Flirting with Medicaid Expansion


    “It’s not hard to see why 12 states are still holding out. The cost of expansion has far exceeded original estimates. States are on the hook for much more than they bargained for. In the states that have expanded, the program covers twice as many people and costs 76% more per enrollee than initially projected.”

    Only popular if the masses didn’t know what it entails.

    Berger and Moore , I fear, are going to let the camel in the tent.

    1. This would be a major blunder and betrayal, Fred. Entitlement programs almost always work that way– they almost always cost more and cover more people than projected. It’s part of the scam.

      Our best hope is that they might tie it to conditions like they did last year, leading the whole thing to implode.

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