Omnibus Outrage

Rand Paul is right:

And North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop– the best we have- has uncovered some of what is in the bill. Check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Omnibus Outrage

  1. WOW ! Congressman Bishop has done yeoman’s work in pulling back the curtain on this parade of horrors. Alas, I am afraid this mammoth $1.7 trillion bill is going to pass . $45 billion for Ukraine … $8 billion more than the White House asked for… sheesh !

    1. Clay Travis interviewed Rick Scott on his radio program today. They both did a great job revealing what an outrage this is for McConnell and the other establishment Republicans to go along with this. It is a socialist bill, and if they could just wait two weeks, you would have Republicans in control of the House. Republican voters are being defrauded.

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