Ample Serving of Media Bias

My office has a subscription to Rockingham Now– the twice-weekly newspaper that used to be called the Reidsville Review. It is now unfortunately owned by the same outfit that owns and operates the Greensboro News and Record.

The “State and Region” section of the paper today had no fewer than three (3!) political puff pieces. There were wire articles that highlighted Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, respectively, for crossing the aisle to work with the socialists; for leaving their “comfort zones”; and for upholding “statesmanship”.

They only got this favorable treatment because they both had functionally joined the socialists repeatedly even though they are Republicans.

In addition, there was another wire article highlighting Governor Roy Cooper’s wife, Kristin, and emphasizing how much she showed how she cared about people as she visited around the state. But the true demonstration of her character occurred a couple of years ago when she gave the middle finger to some protesters in Raleigh.

The people who own and run these newspapers are absolutely shameless. People cannot believe a thing they see in the newspapers or on the mainstream media television channels. Instead, we all need alternative sources of information– and they are amply available.


5 thoughts on “Ample Serving of Media Bias

  1. The Daily Worker ( News & Record ) indeed is without shame. As TC points out there are other sources of news such as The Haymaker and The Carolina Plott Hound.

    1. Fred, I would venture to say this goes beyond shamelessness. This is corruption, and it is widespread. They seek to create a certain impression– that they are unbiased and objective– and do everything they can to disprove that impression.

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