Covid Atrocities Coming into Greater Focus

There is an increasing tendency for more people to acknowledge that the overall handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was horribly mistaken and harmful. In addition, it seems increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of the dangers of the vaccine. Given the fact that the federal government and the pharmaceutical companies hid the serious adverse effects associated with the vaccine– and did not notify doctors, pharmacists OR the general public– lots of people got badly hurt and killed unnecessarily.

Litigation has been one source of information. Depositions and testimony under oath can reveal a lot. But when Anthony Fauci was deposed, he responded, “I don’t recall” 174 times. This was a ploy Hillary Clinton used many years ago to avoid legal accountability.

But one recent report was particularly striking. It revealed the CDC expected, with the rollout of the vaccine, upwards of 1,000 reports of adverse events PER DAY, forty percent of which would be serious. This came out because of a Freedom of Information Act request.

One is tempted to conjure up mental images of rats scurrying in different directions. But in fact, the reality is that they might have little to fear. Who, after all, is going to hold them accountable unless some Republican state attorneys general decide to get tough and bring action outside of the DC area?


2 thoughts on “Covid Atrocities Coming into Greater Focus

    1. Fred, you are right– the folks at the Brownstone Institute have done great work.

      And by the way, breaking news is that Ron DeSantis is impaneling a grand jury to deal with the fraud associated with the Covid vaccines.

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