2 thoughts on “What Happens to the 51 High-Level Intelligence Officials Who Said the Hunter Laptop Was Not Real?

  1. What happens ? Public flogging would be appropriate. We shall see. Shame on these former intelligence officials who lied, and said Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, without even seeing the content of the laptop.

    We all remember, at least those of us that were paying attention, that Biden used the letter in the 2020 debate with Trump.


  2. Fred, I had forgotten about that part of the debate. In retrospect, it looks even more sleazy than it did back then. I agree that public flogging would be appropriate because this was an intentional, concerted effort to deceive the general population– indeed, it was a conspiracy.

    Musk is certainly provoking a great deal of thought and reconsideration. I wonder to what extent the MSM will be discussing all of this.

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