Do New Lawsuits on the 2020 Election Have a Chance?

These lawsuits have a different twist. When Congress voted to certify the 2020 presidential election, 100 Republican members of Congress called for an investigation of the election alleging that there was fraud and a threat to the Constitution. They were voted down by more than 380 other members.

The lawsuits call for these approximate 380 members of Congress– plus Joe Biden and Kamala Harris– to be removed from office because they refused to carry out this investigation. The suit also targets Mike Pence. The logic is that they had violated their respective oaths of office. The filing is found here. The Supreme Court Justices are supposed to decide whether to take the case early next month. The private citizen(s) bringing these cases allege they suffer harm because of the way this was handled.

I think it is doubtful this suit will succeed. But who knows? After all, there have been revelations since January, 2021 proving to a greater extent the degree of fraud that took place; and the manner in which the socialists colluded with social media to disallow certain speech.


2 thoughts on “Do New Lawsuits on the 2020 Election Have a Chance?

  1. TC: I agree , this suit will go no where, not because they don’t have merit but the SCOTUS doesn’t want to rock the boat.

    2024 should correct this error and bring back sanity to government. Let’s hope.

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