Respect for Marriage Act Passage: Tillis and Burr Oblivious to Carolina Christians, Party Base

The most important thing to understand is that, by all appearances, neither Richard Burr nor Thom Tillis are Christians. Their actions are utterly anti-Christ. To be a Christian, you must have engaged in genuine repentance.

Supporting same-sex marriage is the antithesis of genuine repentance.

What is happening here?

I have pointed out previously that the liberal mainline Protestant denominations and the progressive/socialist Jewish community were among the first to betray Christian conservatives. When they supported and pushed same-sex marriage, they KNEW it would result in religious liberty violations against us. Now, some evangelicals are joining them.

Some Republican politicians are betraying us in precisely the same manner. Indeed, eleven Republican senators voted for this bill. That is more than 20 percent of the Republican caucus in the US Senate. Some of them voted for Mike Lee’s religious liberty amendment, thereby admitting the bill itself had problems from that standpoint. But when Lee’s amendment was voted down, they voted for the original bill anyway. They need not be bothered with principle.

For this to have happened, Mitch McConnell must have made a decision to refrain from exerting party discipline. He is a guilty party also.

The last time I checked, Richard Burr attended a United Methodist church in Winston-Salem. His final days are an even greater disappointment than his overall tenure in the Senate. Remember that he chaired the Senate Intelligence committee when that body launched its “Russia hoax” broadside against Donald Trump.

Over at the Daily Haymaker, it is reported that a Republican state House member is planning to initiate an attempt to censure Tillis at the state GOP convention— i.e., if the state party establishment allows it to happen, which seems unlikely right now.

Tillis has established himself as someone who works for the big donors; and who curries favor with the corrupt media by making it appear that he is compromising with the far left.

The donor class for which Tillis works has decided that religious liberty will only be granted to large Christian institutions, under limited circumstances. Small businesses operated by Christians– and employees who happen to be Christian– are out of luck.

When they take away our religious liberty, we are justified to wonder whether this American experiment is worth preserving.


4 thoughts on “Respect for Marriage Act Passage: Tillis and Burr Oblivious to Carolina Christians, Party Base

  1. It is time realize we are living in a Romans 1 culture. The church itself has played a role in this.

    1. You are absolutely right, Tommy. There is a larger church consisting of all the people in all the denominations. And there is an ever-shrinking faithful remnant within the church that likely is a fairly small percentage.

      And the remnant here in the United States is being sold down the river by the Republican Party.

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