Update on New Blog Site

I had previously advised readers that we were in the process of moving the Triad Conservative blog from the previous host/platform– TypePad– and initiating services with a new provider. This process is still taking place.

One of the complicated tasks was to assure that readers who receive e-mail notifications of each new post will continue to receive these. The company that manages this process has completed making this transition. These readers should now be receiving the e-mail notifications.

E-mail subscribers are invited to scroll down on the main page in order to view any content they might have missed.

Other tasks have also been required with this change– learning a new provider’s system; designing a new blog page; transferring the website domain (or website address) from the previous registrar to my new provider; and migrating nearly 17 years of content from my old platform to the new platform.

Some of these tasks are still in process. I expect to make further tweaks to the main blog page to enhance the appearance and functionality.

I appreciate your patience with this transition.


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