Greensboro’s Hebrew Academy for Illegal Immigrants: The Chinese Communists are the Effective Owners

An interesting article at the North State Journal reveals that the massive loan for the American Hebrew Academy (AHA) campus at Jefferson Rd. and Hobbs Rd. has been transferred from one Chinese company to a couple of other Chinese companies (HT: Carolina Plott Hound). Recall this facility is planned to […]

Friendly Rezoning Group Takes To Task Former Hebrew School Leader

Recall that the property in question for the Friendly Avenue rezoning controversy is owned by Glenn Drew. He is the nephew of Maurice Sabbah, the gentleman who funded the development of the American Hebrew Academy school and property at the intersection of Hobbs Rd. and Jefferson Road in Greensboro. Mr. […]

Company Serving Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility Gets Politically Favored, No-Bid Federal Funding

HT: Leon Readers will recall that the former Jewish school in Greensboro at the intersection of Jefferson Rd. and Hobbs Rd. is being converted to house illegal immigrants. It is justifiably suspected that Congresswoman Kathy Manning made this happen. A company called Deployed Services was previously reported to have been […]

Kathy Manning’s Role in the Conversion of the Hebrew Academy to House Illegals

The following video contains an impressive amount of research on Kathy Manning’s connections with the old American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro and its conversion to house children who are illegal immigrants. I am not aware that it is being used as of yet for this purpose; and I cannot vouch […]