Transgender Science

This is an excellent summation of the prevailing medical and scientific proof that the current transgender craze is profoundly in error. The “treatments” offered in the medical community– here in North Carolina and elsewhere– can tend to be very harmful. The previous approach– “watchful waiting”– was more sound from a […]

Update: NC General Assembly Passes Ban on “Gender” Treatments for Minors

This is great news. I had posted about this issue earlier today. Even Donny Lambeth and Dr. Timothy Reeder voted in favor of the bill. John Faircloth and Cecil Brockman were absent. Kudos to Republicans for passing this important bill. Roy Cooper is equivalent to vermin; and will likely veto […]

Better News on the Raleigh GOP’s Response to the Transgender Mess

Last week, we posted here about a North Carolina House bill that sought to restrict transgender transition procedures and services for minors in public institutions. That was a positive, albeit limited bill. There is better news this week. The North Carolina Senate has passed another bill, HB 808, that extends […]