Folwell: Hospitals Engage in Extreme Price Markups, Lack Transparent Pricing

State Treasurer Dale Folwell has done it again. He released a report this week that finds the following regarding our state’s corrupt hospital systems: The advertising images they cultivate convey that they are caring and compassionate. But they are ruthless with respect to price-gouging, and also with respect to taking […]

Cone Health Seeks To Stifle Hospital Competition/Choice in Greensboro

The Triad Business Journal published yesterday the details of an appeal Cone Health filed in state court opposing the Certificate of Need granted by state to Atrium/ Wake Forest Baptist for its proposed new hospital on Horse Pen Creek Rd. Cone Health uses a variety of creative arguments. But the […]

Good News: Hospital on Horse Pen Creek Rd. Gets State Approval

Readers will recall that Atrium Wake Forest Baptist advanced a proposal to build a small hospital on Horse Pen Creek Road in Greensboro. This proposal was approved by the state according to the Triad Business Journal. This is great news because Greensboro has lacked real hospital competition for nearly thirty […]

Cone Health System Sued Over Transgender Treatments Later Regretted

The details are found here. Prisha Mosley transitioned from female to “male” as a teenager. She had hormone treatments and also a double mastectomy. A physician who has worked for the Cone Health System is named as a defendant. Also named is Moses Cone Medical Services– a subsidiary of the […]

Why Many Physicians Can’t Speak Out About the Transgender Mess

An interesting article at City Journal (HT: Fred) quotes a physician who describes why physicians do not feel free to speak out in opposition to the transgender ideology that is quickly being adopted by our major hospital systems. In specific, he links the issue to all that happened during the […]