White House Revokes Vaccine Requirement on Hospitals, etc.

The news release is here. Remember that many of the hospital systems– including Cone Health– required the Covid vaccine even before Biden issued his mandates. It will be interesting to see whether the hospital systems now back off from requiring it. Given the fact that their requiring the Covid vaccine […]

Cone Health’s Millions in Property Tax Breaks Last Year

North Carolina Health News has an interesting article that outlines the property tax breaks that the non-profit hospital systems enjoy. Guilford County lists approximately $817 million in assessed value for properties owned by non-profit hospitals here. That translates to approximately $11 million in property taxes avoided by these hospital systems. […]

Cone’s Response to the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Plan for Greensboro

It was predictable that Cone Health and other forces would not accept the entry of a new competitor (Atrium Wake Forest Baptist) into Greensboro without a fight. The News and Record discusses Cone’s response in an article posted today. Here is a summary of their main points and my response:

Cone’s Competition; and Conflicts of Interest with NIH Funding

A couple of news items illustrated new competition the Cone Health system will be facing here in Greensboro. The Triad Business Journal has a story reporting that Atrium/ Baptist purchased a piece of land off Horsepen Creek Rd. where it will locate its outpatient surgical center. Almost simultaneously, the News […]

Cone Hospital Non-Compliant with Transparency Requirements: Other Triad Hospitals Compliant

Via Carolina Journal, we learn that most Triad hospitals are compliant with pricing transparency law. This includes Baptist, Novant and the old High Point Regional (now a part of Atrium). However, one stands out as being non-compliant. That is Cone Hospital here in Greensboro. Wesley Long is not listed. Perhaps […]

Hospitals Losing Money Because of Staff Shortages

Today there were some reports about lots of hospitals losing money last year. That typically does not happen. But they drove away staff with vaccine mandates and other arbitrary, nonsensical Covid-related policies. Many hospitals are nearly always “full” because they have shut down many beds due to staffing shortages. Operating […]

Federal Government Forcing “Health Equity” on Hospital Systems By Proxy

Many wise observers years ago knew that the Medicare and Medicaid programs at the federal level would lead to the federal government’s control over the way that health care is delivered in the United States. As such, adopting these programs was a huge mistake. Here is one example (among many). […]

“Anti-racist” Whistleblower: Cone Health Contracts with Deena Hayes’ “Racial Equity” Firm

Via the Carolina Plott Hound and the North State Journal, we learn of a group called Do No Harm that acts as a whistleblower against woke health care entities that have forced “racial justice” training and/or policies upon their employees. One of these is the Cone Health System. The article […]