Hospital Systems Charge “Facility Fees”

A Wall Street Journal article describes a phenomenon that many health care consumers have painfully discovered. Hospital systems buy up medical practices and other health care facilities. Then, customers learn they must pay a “facility fee” they previously did not have to pay. That adds substantially to out-of-pocket charges. (HT: […]

News and Record Highlights Cone Shortcoming on Price Transparency

It is now the law that hospital systems must provide pricing to patients when they are subject to out-of-pocket expense. We had highlighted here over the last several months that the Cone Health System here in Greensboro has not been following the law. Finally, the Greensboro News and Record– to […]

Folwell: Hospitals Engage in Extreme Price Markups, Lack Transparent Pricing

State Treasurer Dale Folwell has done it again. He released a report this week that finds the following regarding our state’s corrupt hospital systems: The advertising images they cultivate convey that they are caring and compassionate. But they are ruthless with respect to price-gouging, and also with respect to taking […]