Corporations Practicing Medicine

It is rare that I agree with anything that originates in the state of Oregon. But it was reported within the last couple of weeks that the state legislature there is considering a bill to limit corporate ownership of medical practices. Sadly, it exempts hospital systems from the toughest requirements.

We all learned during the Covid-19 pandemic what a huge problem it is to have corporate entities owning medical practices and employing physicians. Doctors were told how they must treat patients with Covid; and they were forbidden to offer certain treatments. Hospital systems were the biggest abusers. And this is but a sample taste of what potentially happens when doctors treat other kinds of problems.

Here in North Carolina, the medical board has recognized this is a definite issue, and therefore issued a position statement for licensees. It also points out that the corporate practice of medicine in North Carolina is illegal (but acknowledges that hospital systems can employ physicians).

Remain mindful that the medical board only has powers over physicians and physician’s assistants– and has no powers over hospital systems and other corporations. Therefore, it cannot enforce requirements and expectations against hospital systems or other employers. That is part of the reason employers of physicians were emboldened to act in such a tyrannical fashion during the Covid pandemic.

I think the state legislatures need to get tougher and limit ALL corporate ownership of medical practices and end the corporate practice of medicine, with severe penalties when corporate malefactors commit infractions. Doctors cannot be consistently free to do what is in their patients’ best medical interests if these conditions persist.


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    1. I am not aware of any, Fred. The political class tends to be wed to the corporate entities. I know the group of which I am part, NC Physicians for Freedom, has had major concerns regarding the corporate practice of medicine.

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