Leftist Institutions Devising “End Run” Around Affirmative Action Ruling

Many of us were gratified when the Supreme Court issued its ruling against affirmative action a couple of months ago. Recall that UNC-Chapel Hill was one of the defendants that lost the case. Do No Harm is reporting that institutions are devising at least a couple of strategies to get […]

Washington, D.C. Found Guilty of Offense Also Committed by City of Greensboro

Here is a fascinating parallel. An appeals court found unanimously last week that the city of Washington, D.C. acted improperly when it targeted pro-life activists during Covid-19 but not Black Lives Matter protesters. It might seem ironic, but something very similar happened in the city of Greensboro. The city arrested […]

Skip Alston to Kill “In God We Trust” Inscriptions

James Upchurch, a former-Democrat-turned-Republican Guilford County Commissioner, proposed with inscribe “In God We Trust” on 10 important Guilford County buildings. Now, Skip Alston– the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners– says he is opposing the move because he doesn’t like the intent. The Rhino Times provides the details. It […]