Liberal Mainline Church Activism Lacks A Counterbalance

I saw two stories over the last couple of weeks that illustrate an important point. First, the National Council of Churches has launched a new nationwide effort to mobilize voters. Why is this important? It is comprised mostly of liberal mainline Protestant churches. That means voters within those churches– much […]

Anti-Semitism Update: Criminalizing the New Testament

Readers will recall that the Republicans in the US House passed a horrible bill ostensibly to oppose anti-Semitism; and the Republicans in Raleigh are primed to do the same thing. There has been considerable reaction in various quarters. Pastor Chuck Baldwin cites Dr. Steven Jones who had stated unequivocally that […]

“Bless Those Who Bless You, and Curse Him Who Curses You”

Speaker Mike Johnson plans to force a vote on aid to Israel even though that small country has much less debt than we do. Consider how Pastor Chuck Baldwin interprets the alleged scriptural command to bless the modern nation of Israel. NKJV: Promises to Abram 12 Now the Lord had said to Abram: […]