Raleigh Pastor Delivers Striking Message

John Amanchukwu is a pastor at the Upper Room Church of God in Christ here in North Carolina. The corrupt media tends to highlight black pastors and churches that are progressive/socialist. But my understanding is that the Church of God in Christ denomination is a conservative, biblical denomination.

Amanchukwu delivers a prophetic message in an interview with Eric Metaxas. He had written a book recently about the ten lies that we have all been led to believe. He speaks at some length about his efforts at school board meetings in response to the transgender juggernaut. In particular, he also talks about the need for pastors and churches to be political around the 25:00 mark:


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Pastor Delivers Striking Message

  1. This man is a genuine messenger of the divine gospel who has fire in the belly. Thanks for sharing this video.

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