Will Greensboro’s Hebrew Academy Be Used As A Detention Center For Conservatives/ Christians?

There was an interesting article in the Rhino Times this week. Recall that the opening of the illegal immigrant facility at the old American Hebrew Academy campus has been previously reported. Now, Scott Yost says that the facility still has not served any illegal immigrants; and that no illegals will be housed there in the foreseeable future.

At a recent meeting of the Guilford Patriots, a speaker shared that one of Chuck Schumer’s cronies runs a company that got the contracts for these facilities. Huge amounts of taxpayer and deficit dollars are changing hands, but it appears the illegals are not materializing.

So, what is the deal?

Elsewhere, it is being reported that numerous detention facilities or “internment camps” are being set up nationwide. This has been reported by at least a couple of folks who claim to have inside information. These folks are suggesting the facilities will be used to detain or intern “dissidents”– i.e., committed conservatives who object to the ongoing Cultural Revolution. Will that include authentic Christians? I don’t know.

Right here in Greensboro, we have a facility that was envisioned to be used to house illegals. If that is not happening, could this be converted to become one of the detention facilities? It would seemingly be easy to make that transition.

And it is very clear that the local people who had controlled that property were more than happy to sell us out. But now, it is the Chinese Communist Party that really controls the property because one of the companies it controls had provided the financing for the most recent project.


6 thoughts on “Will Greensboro’s Hebrew Academy Be Used As A Detention Center For Conservatives/ Christians?

  1. Another Democrat pipe-dream on the rocks.

    I have said this before but these internment centers could be used as holding facilities for those caught up in Trumps mass deportation.

    1. Yes, that’s possible, Fred. They also have been described as “FEMA camps” but why would we need permanent disaster centers all over the country?

      There is a long history of Marxist re-education camps in communist countries.

  2. Alex Jones had a Federal Contractor on his show yesterday speaking on this very topic. Christie Hutcherson is her name and she quotes literature from official federal contracts. But of course, its all conspiracy theory…

  3. I don’t think they would use this nice of a piece of real estate for us. Much nicer than the DC Gulag.

    Does anyone know who actually owns it now? I had the impression the Chinese mortgage holders had foreclosed and taken possession about 2020, but only based on a sideways phrase in a news article.

    1. Sorry about my delay in responding, Healey. While the Chinese finance company is at the very least the “effective” owner of the property, I am not sure as to the precise legal answer to your question.

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