4 thoughts on “Russia, Russia, Russia, Part Two: The Corruptocrats

  1. There is little doubt ( except for the MSM ) that the Biden Crime Family exists. Joe Biden is compromised

    1. It is particularly ironic that the Biden’s were receiving lots of money from Russia because they had villainized Trump on the basis of associations with Russia. And remember, Hillary gave the Russians uranium…

  2. Serious Republican leaders should include the words “corrupt Bidens” in every single public pronouncement or interview. Forget the senility trivia (he is after all just a figurehead). They should emphasize that the Dem cabal who put him forward as their figurehead don’t care how corrupt he is.

    Fred, MSM is too benign of a term for the regime media, IMHO.

    1. Healey, with regard to your first paragraph– yes, “corrupt Bidens” rings true. The cabal primarily cares about power and socialism. You are right– they don’t care about the Biden’s corruption. In fact, they seek to protect him.

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