4 thoughts on “Operation Warp Speed: DOD and CIA

  1. This whole thing is a diabolical plot by Schwab, Tedros, Gates and others. What the hell is the DOD running Warp Speed. So much wrong. Thanks to all who are exposing these evil doers.

    1. The premise was that responding to bioweapons is a defense project. And we have this game of creating bioweapons and developing vaccines to counter bioweapons. Which comes first– the chicken or the egg?

      1. This the modus operandi of the CIA. Not unlike the aim of the ambitious politician to ever render the people alarmed and afraid with only his solution to lead them to safety. False flags that further empower the CIA are what they are all about. Going back at least to their assassination of JFK.

        Thanks for posting this, Triad.

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