NC GOP Cave On Mask Bill Nearly Complete

We had discussed here last week how a couple of liberal/moderate Republicans in the NC House were attempting to water down the Senate mask bill.

WRAL is now reporting that a compromise bill is agreed upon that will grant broad exemptions for wearing masks. In essence, the effort to return to the pre-Covid norm of making mask-wearing in public illegal is being subverted.

This is precisely how we lose on substantive matters. The reflexive Republican position of surrender is kicked in gear.


2 thoughts on “NC GOP Cave On Mask Bill Nearly Complete

  1. A half loaf is better than none, but a whole loaf is better still.

    ““A government held together by bands of reason only, requires much compromise of opinion, that things even salutary not be crammed down the throats of dissenting brethren, especially when they may be put into form to be willingly swallowed, and that a great deal of indulgence is necessary…”

    Thomas Jefferson, 1824

    1. That’s a great quote, Fred. I wish the left had considered it when they shoved so many things down our throats over a period of decades.

      I agree with your sentiment that perhaps somehow the bill to be ultimately passed will achieve something close to the outcome we would desire. We shall see, I suppose.

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