Determination To Cause World War III?

I have been watching the events of the last week. The United States and NATO are stepping up their presence near Russia’s borders, and equipping Ukraine to strike deeper within Russia’s territory. Russia responds by expressing concerns over this escalation, and by making its own moves.

Meanwhile, China has been acting more aggressively toward Taiwan.

Our waging war against Russia is a terrible mistake. Putin has demonstrated enormous restraint with regard to striking back at the United States and other NATO countries thus far. It is uncertain how long that can last.

Biden has completely mismanaged world affairs. It is hoped he is not stoking the flames of war to rescue his re-election prospects– even as it appears some within the establishment are preparing to take him out of the picture.

But war certainly would scramble the deck from the standpoint of the upcoming election. Perhaps other nefarious forces are also pushing the United States in this direction.

The problem is that war would be potentially catastrophic.

We need to pray.


4 thoughts on “Determination To Cause World War III?

  1. Winning a war is a great boast during a reelection campaign.
    After the abysmal U.S. surrender in Afghanistan to the Taliban the Biden White House is desperate to win a war with someone—anyone, anywhere. And they don’t care how much of our tax $$$ it takes.
    They thought Ukraine was the time and place to do it.
    They were wrong.

    1. It will be interesting to see what happens, JayCee, if and when it gets to the point that American boots will be needed on the ground. We have apparently had limited numbers of trainers, but that could change. It will also be interesting to see how we respond if our NATO allies are attacked. Sooner or later, Russia is going to start responding– or at least, it would seem that way.

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