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  1. Fauci is the single most destructive force of the 21st century, and he must be held accountable

    JUN 03, 2024

    Fauci’s record as the coronavirus point man in two White House administrations is clear and undeniable. He is responsible for advancing mountains of fraud, carnage, negligence, and suffering,

    Anthony Fauci was not just wrong.

    He made proactive and preemptive decisions to lean into the idea of imposing tyranny upon the American people. He made these incredibly destructive decisions knowing that it would result in massive, unprecedented chaos, and the ruin of millions of American lives and livelihoods.

    He made these decisions knowing that there was no scientific basis for any of it, but he professed otherwise. A select few of us reported on the fraudulent “science” in real time, but there was just too much noise (and Big Tech censorship) to make our voices heard. Fauci got his way, every step of the way, and left nothing but devastation in his wake.

    For a man who claims to be the personification of science itself, there was no real science behind any of his ideas, and he knew it. The keys to holding Fauci accountable, both legally and morally, are readily, publicly available, given the proper framework.

    Lockdowns permanently damaged the fabric of our society and hurt Americans in every way imaginable. Fauci’s deliberate politicization of “science” sowed incredible discord within a nation that was already facing many internal divisions. The masks turned neighbors into strangers. His crooked endorsements of failed pharmaceutical interventions (remdesivir, mRNA, etc) harmed too many to count. Fauci is a big reason why Americans are, on average, sicker, poorer, and dumber (school closures) than we were before the era of pandemic hysteria began.

    Fauci is pure evil. He’s an evil, unrepentant monster.

    His great sins are clear as day. Fauci detonated a series of nuclear bombs upon American society without any basis for such an insane level of escalation.

    I think it’s worth reminding ourselves of this reality in light of the GOP “Covid origins” hearings, featuring Fauci, that took place for several hours on Monday.

    Democrats unsurprisingly lionized Fauci, but I was expecting a lot more from the “opposition party.” Some GOP lawmakers righteously documented Fauci’s unprecedented misconduct. But the majority seemed more interested in distancing themselves from accountability, focusing more on the contents of his emails and finances than his proven antics.

    In consultation with a variety of Government Health bureaucrats, WHO officials, Gates Inc, and other anti-human forces for civilizational disruption, Fauci prescribed rolling lockdowns and the broad shuttering of our society to combat the sniffles, claiming these choices were necessary in the name of science.

    It’s simply not an excuse to say that we didn’t know what we were facing at the time. The great sin was the imposition of tyranny, with a science label slapped on the implementation framework, spawning a millions-strong society of “science” enforcers who acted to advance Faucism. We face plenty of unknowns in our everyday lives. Robbing millions of humans of their agency is never the answer to these unknowns.

    Now, regarding the lab leak conversation…

    Sure, it’s always entertaining to have an academic conversation about whether humans are capable of manipulating viruses to make them more transmissible (after four years of research on this matter, I remain unconvinced either way). There’s also the reality that the lab leak/bioweapon narratives support the global pandemic narratives, and provide fuel for the legitimacy of Fauci’s “measures” taken to combat Covid-19. But at the end of the day, the lab leak conversation is a lot of noise, speculation, theory, and the like. Unfortunately, there’s little evidence to pinpoint a culprit for all of this virological detective work. It’s a never-ending, wild goose chase.

    Sure, the lab leak is indeed an area of legitimate inquiry, but it’s a separate issue from accountability. We know with absolute statistical certainty that there was nothing special about Covid-19. It was just a run-of-the-mill, seasonal respiratory disease that mirrored the Flu in quite a handful of ways. There was zero justification for “the measures” taken in response.

    The focus for justice should rightfully focus on what our ruling class, led by Fauci, did during this time period. We have a slam dunk case on our hands, and we should proceed accordingly.

    Fauci’s record as the coronavirus point man in two White House administrations is clear and undeniable. He is responsible for advancing mountains of fraud, carnage, negligence, purposeful suffering, you name it. He is the single most destructive non-head of state of the 21st century.

    I don’t know if he will ultimately be held legally, criminally, or morally accountable for any of it. But the truth matters above all else. At the very least, Congress must tell the truth about what really happened during the Covid hysteria years. They should do this not only to preserve reality, but to demonstrate what went wrong so that we can avoid repeating these grave injustices again.

    1. Schachtel has it right, Fred. RFK,jr’s book on Fauci details his history of evil well before the Plandemic as well. “Faucian” should replace “Mengelian” as an adjective.

        1. Perhaps because it sort of rhymes with Faustian, as in Faustian bargain of selling one’s soul for power.

          But yes, the Plandemic was a Faucian dystopia.

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