Socialist Manning Pushes For Another Sticky Entitlement

Kathy Manning only has eight months left in Congress. But she is determined to leave her socialist mark.

Readers might recall that Congress passed crazy, huge spending bills when Covid hit. One of these bills included subsidies to enable households to pay for internet service. The rationale was that school, work and health care were going to be mostly online during the pandemic, so everyone had to be able to have internet service. It therefore became one of many charity entitlement programs.

Internet service has become part of the welfare state.

Unfortunately, entitlement programs are like the toughest glues and adhesives. They stick tenaciously. It is nearly impossible to change that once the tube is cracked open.

Dear Ms. Manning is now pushing to continue the subsidies for internet service. She is supported by a state senator, a couple of school superintendents, and apparently some Republicans. A majority of House members is co-sponsoring the bill.

What a mess.


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