Bird Flu

This is a virus that kills one half of those it infects. At least, that is what is being represented. The saving grace is that it does not readily jump to humans.

Dr. Robert Redfield led the CDC during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. His leadership left much to be desired.

Nonetheless, his recent interview has struck a nerve. I recommend starting at the 3:25 mark:

If you increase the infectiousness of the virus, you will decrease the damage it can cause. That is how this tends to work.

But if you start at a 50% mortality rate, you can still have a virus that kills large percentages of people if– as he suggests– those 5 amino acids are changed.

Was this virus engineered from the outset? It would be interesting to know.


2 thoughts on “Bird Flu

  1. Is Redfield predicting a bird flu pandemic ? Is there any known protection against it infecting humans ? Mutably assured destruction is the guarantee against nuclear holocaust. Do you think the same applies with lab created infectious diseases ?

    1. I don’t think he is predicting it, Fred, but I think he is saying that getting to a bird flu virus that can spread among humans is a lot easier and quicker than one might imagine. Protection against infection? Possible– remember hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin being used as preventives? I am not sure how Mutual Assured Destruction could be applicable here.

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