8 thoughts on “Both Of Our GOP US Senators Vote To Allow Government To Spy on Americans

  1. After the reams of abuses, so many aimed at Republican supporters or merely supporters of truth, the Republican leadership fortifies the Gestapo even more. This is what a corrupt oligarchy looks like.

    1. Healey, one wonders about the blackmail factor; about how many Republican might be ignorant of what has been happening; and the like. But the likelihood is that many of them are being paid to sell us out.

  2. After Sept 1, 2001, I was all for the Patriot Act. I would assume that most Americans today, when asked if they were concerned about the re-authorization of Section 702 of FISA would answer in the negative. I wonder how many would answer this question : ” Can liberty be exchanged for security? “

    1. I think that back then, there was a high degree of trust in our institutions because the country was much different pre-2001 compared with now. Given the experience we have witnessed with FISA, Fred, and the cultural revolution we are also witnessing, there can be no trust. And that is really unfortunate.

    2. ” Can liberty be exchanged for security? “

      Invariably it is the security of the prison, Fred, which is no security at all except on paper.

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