A Retirement At Age 85

During my late childhood/ early teen years, I used to listen to sports talk radio in the New York area. This would have been during the early 1970’s.

One particular show in the evening, on WMCA AM 570, was hosted by John Sterling. I eagerly looked forward to his program many weeknights.

He later went on to call Yankees’ games for nearly four decades. He retired this week at age 85. He had been broadcasting for 64 years, since 1960. Pretty remarkable.


6 thoughts on “A Retirement At Age 85

    1. Vin Scully came to mind for me, Fred. As for Sterling, I still remember his radio show way back when. He covered all the major sports– not just baseball. It was a call-in show, and I remember how he handled the listeners. Was persuasive (at least in my estimation back then), with not nearly the level of bombast you might have heard when he was calling a game.

  1. Oh, I should have mentioned Bill Stern He was the GOAT. I will never forget listening to him announcing the 1945 Rose Bowl ( USC v Tennessee ). I was living in Knoxville . Tennessee at the time. Stern did the Rose Bowl broadcasts from 1938 to 1949.

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