Progressives “Moving Out Of The Cities”

Zero Hedge:

Are progressives moving out of the cities, too?  Yes, to the suburbs and to outlying towns within driving distances of their original homes.  It’s getting to the point where even leftists are admitting their own cities are not livable.

This is happening in North Carolina. The growth is shifting from the cities to the outlying areas.

The risk is that it will change the politics in these same outlying areas that have previously been somewhat of a refuge from all the mess that progressive/socialist politics brings. (Of course, some of the progressives moving to outlying areas are a mess themselves, so they change these areas to some extent almost instantaneously.)

There will be fewer places to run and hide. That seems certain. The demonic influences are geared toward poisoning and destroying both culture and politics.


2 thoughts on “Progressives “Moving Out Of The Cities”

    1. Yes, hopefully…

      Some of them are very “nice”, but there is a problem of the heart. Some of them have been misguided by the liberal mainline churches for years or decades. Many of the younger neo-Marxists are non-Christian, and anti-Christian. Some can be won over, but some are so entrenched in their sinful attitudes that the prospects are bleak.

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