RFK, Jr.: How I Would Have Handled It Differently

I will not be voting for him. But it is impossible to refute the logic he displays in this video:


6 thoughts on “RFK, Jr.: How I Would Have Handled It Differently

  1. Yes, RFK Jr. has his facts partially right. And no I won’t be voting for him. Maybe after the dust settles he will have a useful role to play.

  2. RFK jr is a quantum leap smarter than Trump. After 3.5 years of being lied to by the DeepState, Trump turned the govt. over to Fauci (the DeepState personified). I’ll vote for whichever of the 2 has a better chance of beating the ruling class cabal (Obiden, if that is less obscure). Both are flawed, but both smell like angels compared to Obiden.

    1. Healey, Kennedy is a man of the left who was courageous enough to get all things Covid right. Trump is good, but he messed up the Covid response under political pressure, and he deviates considerably from the conservative position on fiscal and social issues. My personal bias would be to extend grace toward Trump. I would then hope he would hire RFK Jr. to do something important (but circumscribed) within his administration.

      1. Triad, I think you express it well, and an excellent middle solution. Focusing RFK jr on the corruptly fascist medical/pharma complex–where Trump was extremely weak– would be really good.

        1. It would be a shame to waste such excellent leadership on such an important topic, Healey. If Trump is elected, I hope he finds him a place that would be appropriate, and I hope Kennedy would accept.

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