NC Higher Education: More Instances of Leftist Bias

Davidson College used to be a highly regarded school. It was strong academically and ranked highly. Unfortunately, the school is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA which has taken a definite downward turn.

It was reported last week at the Daily Wire that Davidson is forcing its student athletes to watch a video that proclaims all white people are racist, but that people of color cannot be racist.

Meanwhile, Carolina Journal reports that among the three top law schools in North Carolina— Duke, UNC and Wake Forest– there was only one professor that gave exclusively to Republican candidates. Forty gave exclusively to Democrats.

Parents are placed in somewhat of a quandary because there are relatively few colleges and universities that offer a quality education, and that do not exude leftist bias. They run the risk of the schools systematically undoing everything they have tried to build. Moreover, they pay for this “privilege”. It is quite an injustice.

But the blatant political and cultural bias is undeniable at this point.


2 thoughts on “NC Higher Education: More Instances of Leftist Bias

    1. That’s a handy list, Fred. Thanks for sharing it.

      Years ago, Davidson graduates used to be rightfully proud of where they went to school. The academics were very strong. Now, it is a cesspool.

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