When Government Takes Away Access To Your Money

The socialists are most likely to engage in this activity; but Republicans have been known to set up structures that lead to it happening:


4 thoughts on “When Government Takes Away Access To Your Money

  1. All we can do is roll up our sleeves and oppose this ominous tyranny should it be tried in the US.

    1. We know the inclinations of the neo-Marxist left and their partners in the corporate world. I hope it is still a matter of “if”, and not “when” this will start happening here. As the video states, it has already happened in Canada; and it has also happened in the UK.

  2. One thing we can and should do is to explicitly outlaw CBDC (now–before crisis hits like a bad recession). Ted Budd and Ted Cruz have put forward such a bill. It isn’t really legal presently, but the Fed behaved wantonly with respect to law during the 2009 “Great Recession” and should be restrained as explicitly as possible by definite law before the next crisis inspires them.

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