4 thoughts on “Brutally Frank

  1. I agree, Fred. The other side certainly doesn’t hold back.

    I watched the SOTU last night and he was extraordinarily fierce and angry. He seemed to be pretty lucid most of the time but he slurs his speech, and occasionally he mangles his words and it takes him time to recover. The suspicion is that they administer drugs to him to keep him more focused and lucid during his public appearances.

  2. It has to be drugs! When you compare that super loud, angry and fairly coherent Biden to the one they rarely allow in public to answer a couple of questions who stumbles, mumbles, whispers and totters about as his handlers force reporters out of his presence it is very evident drugs were involved!
    Some people think this is good because now the dems have false hope in their faltering candidate yet the his true condition will be revealed and Trump will easily beat Biden over any replacement they have considered installing.

    1. TCFan, some of the pundits are saying that the nature of the SOTU speech is an indication the nominee truly will be Biden, and not a replacement. I don’t know. The socialists have obviously arrived at a formula through which they can manage the country with surrogates at Obama’s direction, and get Biden to the point at which he can make occasional appearances and appear marginally credible to some people who engage in wishful thinking. Of course, it is the alliance of the corrupt media with the socialists and the Deep State that allows this charade to continue. They act as one unit.

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