Be Careful About Surgery With Duke-Trained Surgeons

A presentation from a Duke surgical resident proved to be fairly revealing:

Carolina Journal:

Raman then said, “The most important thing we’ve done is, really, systemic changes to our recruitment, to try to recruit diverse residents to our program and then to retain and support those diverse residents… So part of this has involved transitioning to completely holistic review process that we spoke about earlier today — you know, abandoning all sorts of metrics and screens, looking at people’s life story and what brought them into surgery. And the other part of it is increasing the diversity of the people who read the application, because that’s an important component of ensuring that we get diverse residents into our program.”

Obviously, patients need to be very careful about allowing any nonwhite surgeon trained at Duke after 2019 to perform their surgery. Based on the above statement, these surgeons were accepted into their programs with a heavy thumb on the scale. Whereas Duke-trained surgeons were once regarded as highly qualified, now they must be presumed to be lacking if trained during recent years.

This is a pretty big deal. And the Carolina Journal article points out it is also illegal.


4 thoughts on “Be Careful About Surgery With Duke-Trained Surgeons

    1. Yes, Fred, and I suppose we can extend this level of concern to any field for which health and safety are paramount. Remember how the city of Greensboro has been doing this for police officers, for instance.

  1. Frightening.
    Duke is endangering lives for political purposes.
    How many other schools are doing the same thing?

    1. I don’t know, JayCee, but this ideology has become nearly universal at the institutions that have residency programs within the field of medicine. The question is to what extent they are acting on this ideology. This Duke resident says openly this is being done at Duke.

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