Josh Stein Desperately Wants the Abortion Pill

Attorney General Josh Stein is running to be our next governor. He is opposed in the democratic socialist primary by former NC Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan. Stein espouses the worldview of contemporary Judaism which includes, among other things, radical feminism, sexual liberationism and moral relativism. Within this community, abortion […]

Southern Baptist Convention Voices Support of Schumer/ Biden Illegal Immigration Bill

The bill that elicited unprecedented levels of outrage this week has attracted support from a seemingly unlikely source. The Dissenter reports that the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and its director– Brent Leatherwood– are supporting the open borders bill pushed by the democratic socialists Chuck Schumer and […]

Rand Paul on Covid

Rand Paul wrote the issue of Imprimis disseminated this month. Here are a few interesting excerpts (HT: Fred): Even if the goal is preventing future pandemics, the risk-benefit ratio (associated with virus identification efforts and conducting gain-of-function research) doesn’t add up. While advocates for identifying the world’s viruses argue that […]