Josh Stein Desperately Wants the Abortion Pill

Attorney General Josh Stein is running to be our next governor. He is opposed in the democratic socialist primary by former NC Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan.

Stein espouses the worldview of contemporary Judaism which includes, among other things, radical feminism, sexual liberationism and moral relativism. Within this community, abortion is regarded nearly as a sacrament. Stein, of course, is Jewish.

The Carolina Journal has an article that discusses a legal challenge to a law passed by the General Assembly allowing the state of North Carolina to restrict the abortion pill. Stein’s legal duty is to defend North Carolina state law when it is challenged; but instead, he is taking sides with the plaintiffs against our state law. He is shirking his duty.

Stein tries to make it appear that the abortion pill cannot be restricted because the FDA has liberalized its availability. However, it is not uncommon for the states to have more restrictive regulations than the federal government in certain areas. His argument is hogwash.

Stein has access to lots of out-of-state money for his campaign. But the voters need to repudiate him.


2 thoughts on “Josh Stein Desperately Wants the Abortion Pill

  1. Stein is doing the same thing on the abortion pill as Joe Biden is doing at the border… not enforcing existing laws.

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