The Censorship Regime

The United States government is engaging in censorship on a massive scale. While the First Amendment used to provide us with freedom of speech, it was never fully realized until the internet emerged. But it was the effects of the internet and the emergence of Trump that led the Deep State to decide that censorship must take place.

The culpable agencies? Homeland Security. The Defense Department. The State Department. The CIA. The Department of Justice via the FBI. We can refer to these collectively as the “national security state”. They work in concert with certain non-governmental organizations.

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Benz has been much discussed over the last several days. It contains remarkable revelations. If the Supreme Court does not knock these activities back severely, you will know the Justices were blackmailed, threatened and/or paid off.

Kevin MacDonald observes at the Occidental Observer:

Tucker’s interview with Mike Benz is incredibly important. Exposing the deep state which is fundamentally attempting to prop up our current, substantially Jewish elites at the expense of populism and Trump. 

Here is the video:


2 thoughts on “The Censorship Regime

  1. Yes, a very important interview. There are a lot of badies out there but the US DOJ is the worst .

    1. There have been many articles over the last year or so detailing bits and pieces of this, Fred. However, Benz gives an overarching view and details seemingly all of it (although he seems to deemphasize the FBI in contrast with what Elon Musk had allowed to come out.) It is going to take a major, concerted effort to root all of this out, and at this point, I don’t know if it will happen.

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