A Clash of Worldviews

Rob Reiner, readers will recall, played “Meathead” on the old All in the Family television series. He is launching a documentary intended to raise red flags about the huge boogeyman– “Christian Nationalism”– just in time for the 2024 election.

He discusses this during a softball interview on MSNBC:

Note that Reiner– a progressive/socialist Jew– has the audacity to claim some level of expertise as to what Christianity should be espousing. He claims we are not supposed to advocate or assert our worldview in the field of politics and government.

I am sympathetic to the cause of Christian nationalism and believe we ought to be advocating that point of view.

Indeed, Barrett Duke recently wrote a chapter in a book, “Christianity and American Culture Today”. He explains why Christians ought to engage. He is the leader of the Montana state Baptist convention; and previously also served as vice-president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission before it took a hard left turn.

Duke says we engage in public policy to defend ourselves; to love our neighbors by advocating what is best for the common good; to assert God’s moral absolutes; and to act as good stewards and good citizens. It is our right as citizens to advocate for these things.

Rob Reiner, by contrast, is asserting the contemporary Jewish worldview that has mostly prevailed over the last 60 years or so. That worldview is directly contrary to a biblical Christian worldview. He is concerned that, if Trump is elected, much of what they have achieved– secularism, sexual liberationism, moral relativism, socialism, radical feminism, open borders, multiculturalism and diversity– will be threatened. (In fact, Trump might slow their momentum temporarily, or partially knock back one or two of their agenda items.)

The contemporary Jewish worldview prevailed in American society and much of the western world because Christians have refused to engage.

Reiner wants to keep the Christian worldview hidden and impotent because he is defending and asserting his own worldview.

Reiner is being intellectually dishonest– or he doesn’t know much about Christianity. Take your pick.


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  1. Reiner is still a ” Meathead “. He doesn’t understand the Christian worldview or he does and is doing what he can to suppress or dilute it.

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