4 thoughts on “What Explains So Many People Dying Worldwide Over the Last Four Years?

  1. Dr. Rancourt’s conclusions:

    1) If govt’s had done nothing – no excess mortality. There was no pandemic, that caused excess mortality.
    2) The measures that governments applied, caused excess mortality.
    3) The vaccination campaign definitely caused excess mortality.

    Pretty convincing.

    1. Once again, Fred, I think Fentanyl and the other new potent narcotics circulating are likely contributing to some extent. But I doubt that explains the numbers on a global basis. Our leaders created a huge mess.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Rancourt’s graphs of the timing of death spikes of individual countries are very persuasive that the “vax” killed lots of people.

    1. By this time, Healey, I think most people are at least vaguely aware of the problems associated with this vaccine. Government, corporatized medicine and organized medicine are still pushing it, at least to some extent. I saw a video yesterday in which even Dr. Drew– previously a MSM type– expressed that he no longer believes the MSM. Why? He had a reaction.

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