NC 6th Congressional District

There has been an interesting series of endorsements affecting the 6th Congressional District Republican primary in North Carolina.

The candidates include former Rep. Mark Walker; former congressional candidates Christian Castelli and Bo Hines; former High Point Mayor Jay Wagner; and Addison McDowell, a relative unknown who has done lobbying work and who has also worked for other elected officials. Castelli is former military.

Seemingly out of nowhere, former President Trump endorsed McDowell, which left many folks scratching their heads. It is unclear what effect Trump’s endorsement will have. The Daily Haymaker has additional comments.

And now the influential Club for Growth has endorsed Bo Hines, a candidate who has moved around a bit to run in various districts. Hines is 28 years old; an attorney; a former college football player; and otherwise a bit reminiscent of Madison Cawthorn. Club for Growth endorsements often open the floodgates of campaign monies and support.

It appears Mark Walker has the inside track due to name recognition and the fact he has previously held the office. But we shall see.


4 thoughts on “NC 6th Congressional District

  1. In 2022, Castelli (who at the time did not live in the district) spent a lot of money advertising on radio to edge out a stalwart conservative (whose name escapes me) for the Republican nomination. Once he got the nomination, he behaved as if all that money had come from Kathy Manning. He barely went through the motions of campaigning. He should be eliminated from consideration.

    All the other candidates sound attractive in terms of the issues they are emphasizing. I would be interested in people with particular knowledge giving their recommendations.

    1. I remember that also, Healey. It made me wonder whether he had blown through all his campaign monies during primary season.

      I agree- the field of candidates merits a deep dive compare-and-contrast on the issues. But we also need someone who will not kowtow to the establishment, and who is willing to fight.

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