Illicit Massage Parlors In Greensboro

Triad City Beat has an interesting story detailing the recent arrest at a massage parlor near the intersection of I-40 and Guilford College Rd.

However, the article goes on to claim that similar establishments are found in other locations. They claim, in particular, that storefronts at 3920 Battleground and 1573 New Garden are used for this purpose.

These are located, respectively, on Battleground in a newer strip shopping center located between the Urban Loop (I-840) and Horsepen Creek Road; and also on New Garden in the shopping center that also has Lowes Foods, Home Goods and Marshall’s.

What is remarkable about this report? These latter two establishments are located in some of the “nicer” parts of Greensboro– i.e., the north/northwest quadrant. More than twenty years ago, our city had a major problem with illicit massage parlors that were blithely tolerated until they were finally shut down. But these were located mostly in the more seedy parts of town. Now, we find them in some of the more desirable parts of town.

The article goes on to claim that the Asian women working at these establishments are victims of human trafficking. Of course, this progressive/socialist publication does not connect the dots and acknowledge that human trafficking is facilitated by the open borders policies espoused by the modern Democratic Party and Joe Biden.

I remember over the last year reading of murders that had taken place at addresses on New Garden and on West Friendly. We are seeing more crime spread throughout Greensboro as government-subsidized housing units are sited throughout the city.

But allowing massage parlors to do business– when they are de facto brothels– is profoundly immoral; and it victimizes women who are trafficked. We need to put a stop to it.


2 thoughts on “Illicit Massage Parlors In Greensboro

  1. Yes these brothels are now found in nice neighborhoods,. They will show up to meet the demand. After all prostitution is the world’s oldest profession

    Props to Ben Holder for putting the spotlight on this human trafficking.

    Is arresting the ” Johns ” a bad idea ?

    1. I don’t know the best way to handle this situation from a law enforcement perspective, Fred. It seems like arresting the Johns ought to be at least part of the equation.

      Yes, Ben does a good job once again shining a spotlight.

      I would bet the corporate tenants in those shopping centers might not be happy with the situation once they find out. Perhaps they will put pressure on the landlords.

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