More Criswell: The Cost of Rejecting Biblical Truth

Several days ago, I had posted a speech by Dr. W.A. Criswell, the former pastor of First Baptist Church, Texas. Under his leadership, that church grew to 26,000 members. I have another video to share today.

This was given during a Pastor’s Conference at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Dallas during 1985. He speaks about the problems associated with “higher criticism” that was leading many individuals and institutions in religious circles to reject biblical truth. He gives a broad sweep of history including the period when Charles Spurgeon was persecuted in England.

Many Southern Baptists are familiar with Lottie Moon after whom the year-end missions offering is named. It turns out that she had been romantically interested in a gentleman who, unbeknownst to her, began dabbling in “higher criticism”. Dr. Criswell also describes the founding of the University of Chicago– formerly a major Baptist institution of higher learning– and how it later turned.

He speaks specifically of the spiritual death of pastors, professors, institutions and denominations when they choose to take this road. This was a major speech given during the earlier days of the Conservative Resurgence within the denomination. He displays once again his remarkable gift of oratory. I suggest starting at the 16:20 mark. The speech runs 40 minutes:


2 thoughts on “More Criswell: The Cost of Rejecting Biblical Truth

  1. What a wonderful , historical, and spiritual message. I like his question.. Why not America ? A marvelous sermon by a great preacher.

    1. And apparently this speech had a lot of impact at that time, Fred. I am afraid we have few counterparts in the current Southern Baptist Convention. But undermining the truth of the Bible is one of the key methods in the religious left’s toolbox; and he recognizes it leads to destruction.

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