Tennessee Lawmakers Outlaw Green/ Globalist Agenda; Whither NC?

I saw a pretty interesting item. State legislators in the state of Tennessee have banned the state from participating in any of the UN/ globalist schemes like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They have also stepped back from the climate change nonsense.

It appears that there are some pretty solid conservatives providing leadership in the Tennessee state legislature. What is happening in North Carolina? Precisely the opposite. Our state legislators have pushed various green requirements and initiatives– for instance, subsidizing solar energy, and forcing Duke Energy to move away from fossil fuels and toward solar and wind.

It appears our state legislators need to do some continuing education with their counterparts across the state line in Tennessee. But of course, there is one small matter– i.e., all the money they have been getting.


2 thoughts on “Tennessee Lawmakers Outlaw Green/ Globalist Agenda; Whither NC?

  1. Our solons may force Duke to go green but that will fail because solar and wind – can’t be the basis for a resilient, reliable and affordable electric system, which is necessary for a modern economy. And that reality will soon become apparent to even the tree hugging socialists.

    Both solar and wind are intermittent. Industries can’t plan production if electric power depends on the weather.

    Blackouts are unavoidable with solar and wind because the wind can stop blowing strongly, sometimes for weeks, and the sun sets daily and may be blocked by clouds for many days consecutively. Massive storage to date cannot fill in for more than a few hours at anything like an acceptable cost. Blackouts can cost electric customers their lives.

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